Nutritional Therapy

IV Vitamin Cocktails

IV Infusion Protocols
IV protocols described below describe general protocols available at Ocean Pacific Integrative Health Center, but they will be personalized according to your current health, severity of symptoms and health goals.

IV therapies at our center are offered to our current patients who have completed the required laboratory tests.  If you are interested in IV therapy,  please call our office on how to become a patient or to find out if you are a candidate for IV therapies offered at our center.

No matter what symptoms you are experiencing, we will determine the best personalized treatment plan and help support you on your path to wellness.

Our Personalized Health Plan includes:

  • Comprehensive Health Intake by a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor
  • Physical Exam
  • Laboratory Evaluation (Routine and/or Specific)
  • Individualized IV Therapy Plan and frequency of treatment
  • Continual monitoring and evaluation

Immune Booster IV Infusions

Recommended to boost your immune system for a stronger immune response.

C Fighters
Get the power of C to help enhance your antiviral, antibacterial, and cancer fighting abilities. To add reinforcement to your fight!

High Dose Vitamin C
To achieve serum concentration not obtainable by oral or even intramuscular routes, intravenous treatment of high dose Vitamin C high is used. Vitamin C can be given alone or in combination with other vitamins and minerals to obtain synergistic biochemical effects.

Infusions of 25-50 g are given routinely. Doses of 75-100 g at a time have been given with no side effects. A specific genetic disorder needs to be ruled out by a simple blood test before initiating treatment.

High dose vitamin C is used as an immune supportive therapy for variety of conditions:

  • To shortens both severity and duration of illness
  • Wound healing post surgery
  • To enhance immune response

General IV Infusions

Sports Rejuvenator
A great way to achieve optimal performance during training and to facilitate recovery after athletic event by enhancing electrolytes, vitamins and minerals availability to your cells. To quickly replace what you have used up!

Cellular Detoxifier
Glutathione is potent detoxifiers. An efficient way to deliver this powerful antioxidant to your cells to neutralize toxins and quench free radicals. To decrease your toxic load and enhance longevity!

Migraine Reliever
Helps alleviate migraine pain and decrease attacks by relaxing blood vessels. To help you get back to your life!

No matter what symptoms you are experiencing, we will determine the best personalized treatment plan and help support you on your path to wellness.

To learn more about becoming a patient and how you can benefit from IV Therapies, please contact our office at 760-944-9300.

Nutritional Therapies

Nutritional Therapy

Vitamin Injections

Vitamin Injections

Vitamin Injections

IV Vitamin Cocktails

Accelerate your Cellular Vitality … Drip by Drip

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